Atlantic Explorer

So early the other morning, there was a distinct noise outside, and what would you know the Atlantic Explorer was coming in. This is a US research vessel whose home port has been at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) Since 2005 but operating since 1982. For more information about that please checkout:!/who-we-are

We raced out in time to video it coming up the peninsula. Now the ship is quite large, actually 52 metres, and really is quite impressive as it sails by. I’ve been caught once or twice not quite dressed for the day with its early morning arrivals, being level with our windows. I have given up worrying and just give them a wave now!

Here’s a short video as it sails past the new airport, which is nearly finished. Enjoy!

More soon – Sally

By the way have you seen my new venture? Check it out here:



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