Fish tank

The amazing thing about living here in Bermuda is the fact that there is a fish tank literally at the bottom of the garden. The water is so clear that when the water and weather is calm, sometimes it’s difficult to tell the water is there at all. I’ve been caught out a few times stepping into a puddle by the coast thinking it would be dry underfoot.

Recently a couple of parrot fish swam by the dock at the bottom of the garden. They were orange and green coloured and quite large, at least 60 centimetres long. Parrot fish feed on algae scraping it off with their beak. We often find little chisel marks where the fish have been feeding at high tide. When snorkelling, I can hear the scraping sound clearly under the water. Here’s my video of them swimming past:

The largest parrot fish I’ve ever seen was in Whalebone Bay. It was at least a metre long, and was quite happy to let me quietly swim along side him. When he opened his mouth to feed, I was quite disconcerted by the fact I knew my head could fit in there. Lucky they’re harmless. I only ever saw it once, and lovely husband is still saying ‘yeah right!’

More soon – Sally

If you would like to experience what it’s like snorkelling on the reef here in Bermuda please do watch this link. There’s no commentary but some fabulous underwater photography:



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