Bees on the fennel in flower

It just came up on my webpage that I’ve been writing on the WordPress format for a year. Wow, that went quick. Than you so much to my readers. I really couldn’t do any of this without you and your lovely comments.

The recent events of killings and protests and Covid-19 and lockdowns, well all the stress of it really, has left me absent of words. We also had to relocate the little chicks, who face it weren’t so little anymore. One even tried to crow in the weekend, and even as funny as it was, it’s more serious than that. They are eating machines, ripping out newly planted gardens, pooping everywhere, and have no respect for the work our neighbours have put in to tidy up recently. So sad as I might be, they have all been captured save one little Houdini who escaped both the cage, car and rubbish bin twice! They have been transported far away to a palatial existence, and will hopefully avoid the chicken culler who frequently takes them out here on the island. It’s a necessary part of life, they are introduced and they are a pest, but that has left me feeling sad.

Now my sister mentioned on Facebook recently that she can’t imagine what life could be like on a sub tropical island. I have to admit my friends photos of New Zealand snow has made me think about this a lot, because I’m sure there’s a lot of people who can’t imagine life there either. Unless you actually live in a community, no amount of visiting or holiday time will give you that experience, because tourists are treated differently from residents in every country.

So today I decided to try a new format for you, to try and give you a more virtual experience of life here. I went for a walk on the railway trail (what’s new about that I hear you say!) and have made a short fennel walk video for you. I’m sorry I can’t include Smell-o-Vision yet!

Sally’s fennel walk

More soon – Sally



  1. You really are becoming a talented and accomplished media person, with the ‘walk on the wild side’. Well done you. Yes, life on a sub tropical island is beyond my ken, though I find I’m learning more about it with your idontdoironing blogs!

    I love those scraggy looking pines ? on your walk. Early morning or late afternoon light, the moon even – magic.

    Yes, recent global events have left people gob smacked, in the very real sense that we dont know what to say, or how to say it! Like you, I find myself with little to say.

    Keep up the good work Sally – going well.


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    • Lovely to wake up this morning and read your comments Dianne. Don’t forget this is only my perspective and life here might be quite different from another’s viewpoint 😊


  2. Nice video. Helps to see what it’s like. You’ve posted pictures of fennel before but it’s quite different from what I imagined. I’d thought of just plants scattered along the verge. Pity we can’t smell it.

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