I popped into a shopping centre to stock up on medical supplies, you know, paracetamol, disposable gloves, face masks, alcohol, the usual pandemic things really. As I was leaving there was a lady standing talking on her phone. I didn’t really take much notice, but I couldn’t find my lovely husband who avoids medical places at all costs, and paused to text him to find out his whereabouts. While waiting, I over heard her conversation.

I shouldn’t have been listening, but she said ‘Are you coming to the party?’ Then ‘Yes, kind of like a kid’s chicken pox party’ and then ‘ Yes they’ll be there, and we can all just get this over and done with’!

OMG she was referring to Omicron! She was arranging a party for all her friends to catch it, to get it ‘over and done with’. I really shouldn’t have been listening, because it really bothered me, and I can’t stop thinking about it. I wanted to say something, but I thought better of it. It’s none of my business. It’s really none of my business!

But is it?

If this idea of spreading Omicron catches on (excuse the pun), will it put me at more risk, therefore more risk to my colleagues, clients, family and friends? Will it increase chances of it mutating again for another round? Australia has a new variant of Omicron version two already. We’re all very tired of pandemic living, covering up with face masks, feeling like we’re about to rob a bank just to shop for groceries, and I sure wish I’d bought shares in the hand sanitiser companies, but to want to get it on purpose? Oh that really does my head it.

Then a retirement village I went to for work this week was very strict. Sign in, contact numbers, vaccine passport scanned and a negative RAT done to gain entry. It was quite a palaver, but I felt very confident that I was unlikely to catch Covid-19 there as well as pass it on to the vulnerable folks that live there. So far in relative safety and the complete polar opposite of what I overheard today.

So what do you think? Should we just catch it, risk Long Covid, and get it over and done with? Or should we still be protecting ourselves at all cost which is taking its toll on our physical health and mental wellbeing, and wrecking our economy? I look forward to your comments.



  1. I love your friendly and casual blogs about day-to-day stuff! I am also pleased you mentioned long-covid in your blog relating to Covid “sharing”. As I am part of the CFS/Fibromyalgia community, which the long Covid symptoms seem to resonate with, this condition is no joke. there is a parallel with Tapanui Flu and Glandular fever , in some people, causing the same symptoms as Long Covid which we call CFS or Fibromyalgia or similar life altering condition. Potentially 1 in 6 people with Çovid will end up with long Covid . Some people only think of themselves and not who they might inadvertently spread to!
    I hope you enjoyed your Covid alcohol supplies 😊

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  2. Hi SallyI would have wanted to throttle that woman.  I’m with you.  Covid is no joke.  I suspect many people are not even testing or reporting it now and that puts all our vulnerable folk at huge risk.  The world is full of numpties and there’s nothing we can do except do the right thing. SXxSent from my Galaxy

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    • Than you for your comment Susan and Owen. I’m sure there are some ‘numpties’ as you put it, but there’s a lot of misinformation out there that create genuine fear with some people. Someone actually asked me if my arm was magnetic after my first vaccination! I am absolutely with you when it comes to protecting vulnerable people as I know a lot of people that fit into that category through no fault of their own.


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