Moving house

Well we did it! Moving house under protest is not the easiest of tasks, you know you have to do it, but then there’s the ‘bugger them’ feeling. So here are my thoughts on the matter.

My lovely husband and I have always gone ahead and sorted the house and move for the other. We view houses, gain advice and even purchase items all by social media. This is the first time we have chosen a house actually in the same country and we decided very quickly. We went to look at a place that we thought wouldn’t be suitable but wanted to compare the price range, and were suitably impressed, so here we are, all moved in! I tell you though, here in the ‘Golden Triangle’ you have to be quite pushy, aggressive even, to get the house.

Now a man I was speaking with recently said ‘I wouldn’t live in that area if you paid me to’ so, not being from here, it caused a bit of a panic and a few tears. I was delighted to inform them that my insurance policies went down in price because its a less risk area! And it’s so quiet without the motorway noise, and the tuis in the morning are just lovely.

So we hired movers to haul or hump (as my husband would say) the big stuff and planned on moving everything else in my car. We didn’t think we had very much really. My car is very little, and after six loads and barely making a dent, we had to rethink. The movers were a local company and worked like trojans and very careful even though we had steep stairs at one location and a steep driveway at the other. They got it all done in less than three hours, during the busy traffic time here where it bottlenecks out of town, and everything we’ve unpacked so far seems intact. The funny part was the truck was only two thirds full, and we estimate it would have taken us at least thirty trips on our own just for the boxes! I did however take a load in my car following the truck and the smell of the basil plant in the warm air was delicious! Moving sure made me hungry!

So we’ve been doing a bit of cleaning. With Omicron about, the house we moved to got a thorough scrub before we placed anything at all, and the house we left also had to be cleaned. Yesterday I wiped out every cupboard, cleaned the oven, and scrubbed the bathroom, while lovely husband vacuumed and mowed and did the edges and moved plants. We were shattered last night, then this morning back again to pull out the oven and wash the floors and finish taking rubbish out the basement to the tip. We have done 300 kilometres across town and back in the last three days! But it’s all signed off now, so we can concentrate on getting everything in place in the new house now.

Now nearly everywhere we go when we arrive a tree has been butchered that didn’t look like that when we signed up and we certainly weren’t told a about or expected. I know you’re thinking how weird. In the South Island it was a beautiful cabbage tree the neighbour hopped over the fence and chopped back before we got there; in Bermuda the Landlords bulldozed the whole side of the hill turning it into a dust bath for a few weeks until it started growing again; and our last house here it was a cherry tree that was quite frankly mutilated at the gate! On arrival here we found the tree in the front lawn, well, there’s no words really. I’ll let you be the judge of it. The frame and chains were for swings for the previous children. Hopefully it will regrow and recover!

However little tree is loving it’s new spot and has a resident spider already!

More soon – Sally


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