Tree Frogs

Bermuda is definitely renound for its fabulous tree frogs. They start up at dusk, sound a bit like a squeaky bicycle wheel, and chirp away all night. When I first arrived here I thought I’d never get to sleep with all the din of them creaking away. It’s hard to imagine that something about the size of my thumb nail, can make that much noise. Occasionally one or two will sit right outside the bedroom window and stay there all night. I swear it sounds like they are in the room with me. After two years here my lovely husband says ‘The tree frogs are going for it tonight!’ and I have to confess I haven’t heard them, I’ve got so used to it.

Image above: A tree frog taking advantage of the light to catch ants

Its easy to hear tree frogs but not see them. I actually wasn’t sure what I was looking for. Then after about a year, I got a little frustrated about it, and wouldn’t you know it, they started literally falling at my feet. I nearly stepped on a few. They would be perched on the outside of the house when I got home at night. The wetter it gets the more they love it, so the rain really got them singing. They hibernate in winter so you might not hear any then.

I sneaked down the path to the dock last night, and even though it’s not much of a video, recorded the sound of tree frogs for you. I hope you like it.

More soon – Sally



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