The Water’s Boiling!

You might thInk I’m crazy when I tell you the water’s boiling, but that’s a common term here in Bermuda. So what does it mean?

Schools of fish come into the bays hunting for the tiny bait fish which hang out there for safety and shelter. When there’s a lot of bait, the fish go absolutely crazy catching them, and the bait panic and swim in all directions trying to get away. It’s like fish ambush. It makes it look like the water’s boiling. I was lucky enough to come across this on my walk this morning and witness virtually the whole of Whalebone Bay boiling with fish. It’s quite something. I tried to film it for you all and have posted that video below.

The Kiskadee I talk about in the video are brown birds with a yellow belly and black and white stripes around their eyes. They make a Kiskadee cry just like their name in their high pitched manner, and are like wee bandits swooping in to steal food off other birds. They are very successful here even though they are originally from Bermuda. I’ve included a link to Wikipedia so you can have a read about them.

I’m leaving Bermuda this week to go and help my family, so I’ve been trying to capture the bits I’ve found really make it a unique experience here. So please accept my apology for the gaps in posting. I have a half packed bag, washing everywhere, masses of face masks stacked on the table and it keeps raining off and on, like it does when you’re trying to pack for two weeks in isolation and four days travelling to get there. I know it will come together when it needs to, I have certainly done this many times before. Covid-19 is a new experience though that I didn’t really need!

My biggest dilemma is my limit for luggage. Thirty kilos. Now I would like each and every one of you to look around your home, and think of what you would take if you were only allowed this much, for three months or more! It’s a good exercise in minimalistic living, that’s for sure.

Better get cracking then! More soon – Sally



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