How things grow

Here in Bermuda everything grows at a huge rate. I’m told if you have the time you can sit and literally watch the tomato plants get taller. We’ve had quite a lot of rain recently, which has been good for the water tank, not so good for the water trucks, and fantastic for the garden.

Photo above: A cheeky lizard hangs upside down on the fennel plant overlooking Whalebone Bay

Every year a Cup Match is held between rival teams from opposite ends of the island, Somerset and St George. The cricket game is highly anticipated, club colours are worn, cars are decorated, and there’s a lot of noise about it. When the team wins, which was Somerset last year, they drive in convoy around the island, flags waving, horns blaring, in true noisy Bermudian fashion. Just to rub it in. Covid-19 has postponed the match this year but everyone is hoping it will be held later in the year.

As a result, the parks haven’t been tidied up. Usually families go camping in the nature reserves, which are only open for a short period over the summer, starting with the long Cup Match holiday weekend. This year they have remained firmly closed. Last year trucks arrived with enough camping equipment to turn your home inside out, including generators, stereos and fridge. It makes the UK glamping look like amateurs. I expect with high rent prices, and families having to live together to make ends meet, camping must be a highly anticipated reprieve from each other. I take my hat off to anyone who manages camping with the ants and cockroaches, and the humidity. It’s at 91 percent today and we’re not into our hottest months yet.

Meanwhile the railway trail is over growing at a rate of knots. I’ve videotaped a second walk through the fennel for you to show how much it’s changed. You might like to turn up the volume to hear the bees, which seemed to be roaring around me, but not so easy to hear as I thought. A big virtual chocolate fish for the first person who guesses what the clicking noise is during the video! Enjoy.

More soon – Sally



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