I did it I became a webpage!

Hi everyone – I just wanted to tell you a little about my blog page.

Did you know?

  • My blog page is my own webpage: http://www.idontdoironing.com
  • You can share this with anyone you like – the more the better!
  • If you would like to comment you will still need a WordPress Login (which is cool because then you get a direct email to say I have a new blog out to read!)
  • Or you can email me directly at: idontdoironing@gmail.com
  • I will include your comments on the blog page and really appreciate any feedback, questions, ideas for future blogs…..
  • You will see your comments on that specific blog at the end of the page. They come up there once I publish them, in case you have been wondering why there’s a delay. So if you have a really good rant at me, and regret it later, don’t worry you’re safe with me (I’m wondering how many people are going to test that!).
  • My idontdoironing page on Facebook is now just a mechanism for sharing, so I will transfer your comments to my official webpage if you comment on that platform.
  • I try to be really careful about eveyone’s privacy, so tell me if I get that wrong! I will then do my very best to fix it!

Thank you for reading along so far. I’m working on my next one now, and should have it to you by Wednesday Bermuda time, but it’s sure hot here. I might just get another cold drink first!

More soon – Sally

Just a note: I tested the ‘Leave a reply’ section at the end of the blog, and you don’t need a login to leave a comment. So comment away everyone I’d love to hear from you!


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