Learning to blog….

I picked the worse day ever to try to work out how to set up my blog page. First I had to get my walk in. Racing out the door, no keys, no jacket, my lovely husband could not leave for work until I returned. Well he did say he was working from home this morning, which he certainly was when I left, he just didn’t say until when! The road was a bit slick from the rain last night and it felt a bit misty in the air, but I was determined. Then the rain started. Down it came, in true Bermuda fashion, by the bucket load. I took off my step counter and stashed it in my pocket so it didn’t get saturated and ploughed on through rivers of puddles, and wet grass with trickles running down into my eyes. Finishing in record time before the steaming started, I got handed a cup of tea as I dripped all over the kitchen floor.

So why the rush? I really wanted to set up this blog on my new page. This one is a little bit more secure and I hope if I have done it right you will all be able to comment in a safe environment. I have started with the free blog package and will upgrade to a paid one if it gets popular, but I won’t compromise my security settings. So I logged into the new site ‘WordPress’ as recommended by my nephew, bless him and my son’s cotton socks as they have endured some really dumb questions from me….and after much agony and total mishaps along the way have settled for this much for now. It decided to get muggy outside between rain showers, and I have been sweltering here in the lounge, with my usual outdoor office not in my reach today. Being my first blog, I hope it actually publishes and works. On checking the preview I have realized the text is white on royal blue, now that will never do for accessiblity, that has to be changed straight away! And I really didn’t want times new roman, courier sans to annoy my son might be better, lol.

Now feedback. Feedback is very important for those of us who write, because, well I can’t speak for everyone, but sometimes I don’t know if it is interesting or just waffle?! So when I publish a blog, comments would be so great to guide me in what you would like to know about. I, of course think everything is interesting, but I can’t help that really, I’m just way too enthusiastic about life in general!

So that’s all for today and I’ll start my real blogs tomorrow, once a few of you have signed up to receive notifications. Gosh its all so complicated!

More soon – Sally


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