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George is a Jamaican Anole and is foreign to Bermuda just like me. He was introduced to help keep the bugs down, but his breed was prolific and they have been very successful here. George has adopted me, well for now anyway. While he’s about, I thought he might like his own adventure photo page for you all to find out what he has been up to!

27 July 2020

I just found this nice photo of George I thought you might like. I have seen him now for ages so I expect he’s moved into a garden with a lot more bugs than mine. Too much competition with the chickens anyway! Good luck George where ever you are.

13 April 2020

Coming in the gate yesterday, here was a cheeky Anole. He let me get so close to take this photo and turned to look at me when I said ‘Hello George – where have you been?!’ You know it just might be him, he sure has a strange tail…..

3 Dec

Do you think this is George? My lovely neighbour asked me to come and have a look just before we went off for our holiday. I’m not really sure – what do you think? He was in the area set aside for the frog pond and probably scoffing the cat food!

8 Nov

Here’s an old photo of George on the parsley. The parsley amazingly survived Hurricane Humberto. Now I wonder where George is hibernating?!

1 Nov

There’s been no sign of George this week, but all the other lizards are missing too as the weather gets cooler. He’s probably got stage fright at suddenly being a star with his own page!

Here’s an old photo I found of George when he lost his tail recently, and it’s just starting to regrow. That’s a dried up old coconut he’s clinging to!

What’s George been up to?

Here’s some photos of George just before he disappeared before Hurricane Humberto, and the latest one of him on the window shutter when I found him yesterday. I was rattling the bins!

More soon – Sally

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